“There’s life because there’s death so does death give meaning to life.”

My young twin sister Faudhat, texted me this morning and asked me “Sister, you are not going to post Magufuli? (Our late President)?

I clearly understand why she asked that as it seems like a norm when someone dies what we truly need to do in this world of social media is to just poke and post their pictures on every social media that we have and say words like ‘Too sad you are gone or RIP or anything related to that” with a bunch of emojis escorts.

The beautiful thing about being an author or writer is that we can always turn something into a beautiful story and you get to enjoy around it while learning. 😊

With Erick Shigongo

Let’s Do It This way!

It was Saturday, 28th 2020, where I was able to attend the speaker’s conference and it was absolutely amazing.

Apart from learning all that I need to learn from all great speakers, I also had this chance of meeting Eric Shigongo for the first time. (A dream come true :)

Just like many of us here, we do wish to see someone of our deepest desire, my side was to…

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Taking responsibility means your responses are positively able toward something. Another way, your actions towards a certain circumstance or situation in your life should be taken. It is not to sit somewhere and remain stuck just like someone who is stuck in the mud but to do something in a conscious way.

When taking responsibility, you may opt for the following 3 options.

1. Change the situation.
If you can’t change the situation,
2. Remove yourself from it. If you can’t remove yourself from the situation that you don't like to see yourself there then,
3. Accept things as they are…

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In reality, loving ourselves is really hard. And the fact that we have been growing up in some environment that taught us to even neglect ourselves, things become even worse to us.

However, even if it happens that we are through, still there are sometimes when things go wrong and find ourselves in that default mode again — the default mode of not loving ourselves.

As a writer, most of my writings come from my personal experiences and I was in the same situation where I noticed and found myself that I don’t love myself anymore. …

Copies are available for 25,000 Tsh. +255758278017

I would love to share something about why it’s really crucial to start with WHY when envisioning for anything in life.

When living life, what we really thought is that we are dealing with the conscious mind. The mind which sees, hears, reasoning, or questioning if things are good or not good for you but in the end, isn't the mind that manifests what you wanted to experience. And it is the mind that many of us, are aware of.

However, behind the scenes, we have a powerful mind — the superb mind that can’t reason, questioning back, or…

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I know we all have something we really want to accomplish in this life… sometimes we call them goals, dreams, or inner desires.

Whatever your dreams, goals, or deepest desires are… big or small, good or bad — you are the only person who is responsible to make things happen into reality.

Doing that you should also know that living that which you wish to live it’s possible. But how can you (we) bring out the possibility into existence? It is by being out of our mind and be able to do the 7ths.

Do the 7ths

1. Change Your Mindset Beliefs.

Understand that nothing is really bad…

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The biggest enemy you have to deal with is YOURSELF!

There is an African proverb that reads,

“If there is no an enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm”

We have been passing through a lot but what distinguishes someone who grows through those challenges and those who don’t is what they have inside them.

As humans, I also do understand that we are too good at blaming others while forgetting the process of getting back to ourselves and examine what went wrong inside us and be able to change that.

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Do you remember the first time when you managed to brush your teeth without the help of your parent or even their boring reminders? Nope, you don’t and you don’t have to, it’s the work of your mind.

If You Don’t Know!

The human mind is so powerful. It processes more of a million information each and every single day. It works like a chip in a computer where it can record, store, and retrieve information from different sources.

The human mind knows how to operate itself. It happens after training it how to do a thing. It is a through habit system. That’s…

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All that you need to know about goal settings and working toward them.

Get Clarity!

Be clear with what you do really, really want, and be specific toward achieving it. Set plans like milestones and deadlines. A life with no clarity can fall anytime — it will always put your life into a sleep mode.

Know Yourself (Strength On It!)

Find what you are good at and that will help you achieve your goals instead of focusing on what is missing. Find people who can fill up your weakness like working with a team, mentor, etc. Just strength on it!

Prepare Different Goals

We have different activities when working to…

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