Be Inspired

You deserve to be inspired while living your dream.

If you feel like you don’t need inspiration there is a time you will hit the rock, fall down and find yourself lying there without taking any action to get up.

We all have to grow through life. Growing through life is to live a balanced life, and in living a balanced life, we have to face the ups and downs, low and high, good or bad, right or wrong and the list goes on for us to get stronger.

But as a human being you and I have to balance that kind of life by choosing the better term that works for us and take that as our own reality.

If your self-consciousness remaining in the bad balances, that puts you in the bad frequency all day, all long and that will be the perfect time to understand that you need inspiration in your life.

And you don’t need to worry because I am here to share those tips with you.

Take Action

Living your dream. It is about working to see the end results not where you see yourself right now. Waiting for the ideal situation won’t do you good, it may not happen.

You have to act right now towards all of your small goals. Doing that will give you good self-esteem and prove yourself that you can. Take a leap.

Celebrate Your Small Wins

“You have to celebrate your micro wins in your way forward to the macro wins.” — Lisa Nocholus

Appreciate the small accomplishment you have done so far in your life.

All the things towards your goals and dreams. If it is reading 2 pages per day, doing a healthy diet, meeting up your mentor, — appreciate and congratulate yourself.

If it is finishing something in your to-do list, waking up in the morning, finish drinking a bottle of water, running around the block — just appreciate and congratulate yourself for the little things you have managed to accomplish.

When you learn to appreciate and congratulate yourself for the small things, you are paving a way of doing big things.

Have Faith

Having faith with who you are and what you are doing.

You have to trust yourself and believe that you going to make it no matter the world situation, condition or precautions.

Doing that you will find yourself charging smoothly.

Your mindset will shift from negativity to positivity simply because your faith was there as a backup.

Remember the book of life describes faith as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrew 11:1 KJV)

Have faith in what you are doing — believe and you will see it.

Manage Your Morning

Wake up early in the morning and feed yourself with positive information.

The time you wake up in the morning, your mind is more active and anything that you choose to put inside your mind, either by listening, thinking or reading will affect your day.

Your morning deserves 10–20 minutes of positive vibes. Feel the feeling of gratitude. Prayer — connect to God. Think positive thoughts or exercise.

Just build a strong foundation first before you get out of the house.

Manage Your Night Routine

Before going to sleep spend your 5–10 minutes well.

Forget all the things that didn’t work out during the day and just tell yourself,

“Tomorrow is going to be a great day and I am going to enjoy the day”

Plan. Pray. Smile. Take a deep breath then sleep. Doing that you are programming your subconscious mind that works 24 hours unconscious.

It’s the mind that gives you all the inspirations, power and energy.

Practice Positive Affirmation

Positive affirmations are powerful tools when it comes to inspiration.

You will be inspired more if you focus and holding on the positive thoughts inside your mind. For those who do not feel good or they are unhappy, it is because their thoughts do not hold the ritual of feeling good or happiness.

You have to hold the thoughts that create good rituals inside your mind. And it is by thinking positive.

Thinking positive thoughts, you have to read or listen to positive things and find different narratives that will align with your vibration of who you were created to be and this may work through self-talk too.

We all shower or brush our teeth every day and that does not mean we are so dirty. It is not like that, but the day you forget to do that then you will find the good reasons why you need to shower or brush your teeth every single day.

“Inspiration is like oxygen for the soul. All you have to do is to breath” — Peter H. Thomas

Living our life, it’s the work of small and tiny things that adds up and boost us without even us being aware of that. It’s the work of tiny habits that we choose to practice them and become our lifestyle will determine who we really are.

Inspiration leads to intention,” said Vishen. Stay inspired by choosing the best thing that works for you; practice those tips to more than 21 days consistently to see the results.


I am devoted to serving you — we are here to serve each other, share and recommend this article to others. For any queries and training please visit or connect with me on Twitter or Instagram. A NEW article every Wednesday, stay positive and mindful :)



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