If They Can Do It We Can Do It Too

“I went to prison but I never let my mind go to prison.” — Archie William

I love watching AGT Show, not only because it’s full of entertainment there but it is full of people with dreams who were told they couldn't make it but at the end their dreams become true.

It isn't a wonder to see Archie Williams's story which shocked everyone in the audience, who spent almost 37 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of rape.

However what he passed through his singing dream never went savage.

This shows me, how powerful the human mind is when we condition ourselves that we can do what we actually imagined in our minds.

Today, Archie gives me and you a reason to keep up with what we believe to be true to ourselves as he did it with lots of difficulties which many of us would take it as an excuse.

So, where can we actually starts?

Let Us Believe It Can Be Done First!

The only limits that we have it’s in our mindset and nothing else. If someone succeeds it’s because they believe it can be done, they did it — we can do it too.

Let Us Find Crucial Skills

Being an expert on something it’s something that will give us a unique niche. We will be known only for that. People will recognize us for our experts and recommend us. Isn’t it good?

Let Us Get Serious

They get done because they were serious about their life. We have to get serious too with our lives. Time wasting activity like spending time with people who are negative cannot take us far. Let us stop all the unproductive behaviors and adopt the success habits like reading, waking up early, exercising, etc…

Let Us Dream Big

I am 100% sure that the ones who succeed today used to dream big in the past. They didn’t care what kind of life they are having or the situation they were facing or even what others would think of them. It is big dreams and beliefs that one day they will be there and guess what — today they have arrived. Can we paste that?

Let Us Set Goals and Take Action

We can all opt to break our big dreams into small milestones then hit the action plan. We can do it weekly, monthly, or yearly. We also have the option to set long term goals or short term goals — it’s just to choose what is the best and what can work for us.

If they can do it, we can do it :)

P.S: To read Archie Williams full story please click here


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