The Corona Effect

Learning the Hard Way

It just happens I was sitting on my bed in my home place looking through the window. And an intelligent sort of knowing flashes inside my mind and it was a knowing.

And I was asking myself, what if all humans can sense what life is trying to communicate to us?

I thought everything would be perfectly fine, as so many of us miss the lessons and face the hectic situations every single time.

I understand sometimes we have to learn the hard way if we don’t pay attention to life. And this is what is happening now.

But also it’s not the time to blame or cause more bad situations but it’s time to encourage each other’s and bring new perspectives that will help many to make a shift.

And that is the intention of writing this piece of information.

What exactly can someone do during the time of uncertainty?

First, You Have to Accept “What Is”

“The fact that you are resisting what is. You are making the present moment into an enemy.” — Eckhart Tolle

You have to stop resisting, whatever the situation, just let it pass. Because the more you resist, the more you remove yourself from the present moment and you place yourself of waiting to control everything. Just let things be.

“You can’t tell your mind what to not think. The more you resist the mind persist.”

Secondly, You Have to Be Present

If we only understand that the only moment that we have is now then all problems which result from all life situations wouldn’t be a problem for us.

Missing the present moment, many humans caught themselves in worryness, fear, and starting blaming why things are, just like the way they are.

And in my words, I would sum up like this,

“Joyfulness, isness, happiness, peacefulness, mindfulness — and all states of mental calmness are found in the present moment. Just be there!”

We should all learn to be present during any time of uncertainty, and once we join the present moment we will start inviting God to our presence and see His silence help.

Third, learn to Connect with God

I used to ask myself, why I focus so much on the gifts while there is someone who is a giver? So if I will focus on a giver it means I will have the ability to have more gifts like water in the ocean.

Many people spend so much of their time during this time of uncertainty to questions and blame others for the situations, while there is a silent intelligence within us who can answer all the questions and free us from fear and worryness.

It’s time to get back to that intelligence and ask “God what I am supposed to learn here during this time? What are the lessons which both humans can learn during uncertainty time like this?

Trust me, if you ask you will get some answers, of which I did.

“Connect not only with people but also with the source. That which give you life — the God within you.”

Fourth, If There Is the Best Thing You Can Do Now, is to Learn to Live Like Nature

I used to tell a friend of mine that we aren’t different from the trees, the birds, or the ocean but because we think, we humans are too special we start separating ourselves from nature.

We think God shouldn’t let us face what we are facing at the moment. But to those who are conscious, they do understand these are storms, strong rain, or winds which can break tree also.

But because nature understands it is, it’s natural way to face all that is, it allows all the situations without resisting. Take a good example of the Palm Tree 🌴 it really understands “No storms last forever

“Nature doesn’t have to insist, push, or force anything; after all, storms don’t last forever. Winds blow hard, but then they subside.” — Dr. Wayne Dyer

Lastly, Understand That “This Too Shall Pass”

“This Too Shall Pass” should be your memorized mantra during any uncertainty.”

This Too Shall Pass is one among the powerful phrase to be your everyday day mantra, not only during this time but during any time of uncertainty.

If you would come to an understanding that even a human being doesn’t last forever, then we wouldn’t worry about anything.

Eckhart Tolle, observed this in his book, The Power of Now, “There are no problems in life there are just life situations which come and go.”

Even Corona is part of that life situation and for man to grow, he/she need to face both situations.

And for Dr. Wayne Dyer puts it this way, “The solution for a life of unrest is choosing stillness.”

So, why can’t we choose stillness now?

Always Learn to Make a Shift

My greatest teacher taught me that

I cannot live my afternoon according to the morning program and that which was true in the afternoon in the evening may become a lie.”

What a profound teaching to live with :)

Maybe you didn’t get that? Ooh! Well, let me put some explanation on that.

You and I, are like the blue sky, where clouds come and pass but also just like the sun where also clouds come and pass but that doesn’t mean the sun or the sky isn’t there or the sun isn’t shining — this is a life of every normal human being.

So stop worrying and understand you are not defined by any outer conditions (clouds) but that which is inside you — that which can never die and it has the same essence just like the blue sky or the sun.

Ground yourself with positive thoughts and let’s keep learning as life is communicating to us right now, not only during this Corona time but also during any uncertain moment of which each human being is passing through.

It’s our nature… for we were designed to face all that we are facing. With our free will we can choose to awake and let God or keep being a hostage to our ego and keep suffering — we have a choice.

I would love to finish this with this beautiful story from Paramahansa Yogananda's book, “The Essence of Self Realization” which speaks a lot about what we are facing at the moment.

A page from “The Essense of Self Realization”, book by Paramahansa Yogananda


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I am a Yoga Instructor yet, a content creator who loves to write, design, or narrate content to be shared on all social platforms.

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Gilda Given

Gilda Given

I am a Yoga Instructor yet, a content creator who loves to write, design, or narrate content to be shared on all social platforms.

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