This is the Only Medal I Can give My Mother

My mother has been teaching for the past 29 years at the same school and her love for the school is vast!

Everyone has a hero and for me, my hero is my mother. One thing that makes her my hero is the fact that she’s a primary school teacher and the love that she has for her work is a seed to my passion that I have today in writing.

Waking up in the morning might not feel inspiring as you might imagine it to be especially if you don’t have a sense of purpose.

But what if you got it all and you have a reason to wake up and make it happen? Not only for you but also for others? Life can be of magnitude.

On that account, think it that way… Imagine you were given a chance to do one thing in your entire life, what is that one thing that you would opt to do?

I understand that you have your kind answers to that question, and on my side, I will just do one thing — make my mother proud!

I want to make my mother proud. Make her believe that what she’s doing is worth out there even though no one is recognizing her or bestowing her with a trophy and medals for being the best teacher of all the time.

As long as I can remember the only thing I surely have is the writing gift that has molded and introduced me to the new world of awe. Pricey, writing to earn money isn’t a priority and that doesn’t mean I don’t need money at all.

Besides having an ambition of using my gift to live a purposeful life, it’s also my desire to be a positive influence to the world by helping individuals become comfortable with who they are so that they can also be remembered from generation to generation.

But Wait, Do You Want to Know Where All this Began?

Born and Raised in the village. What a privilege! I am so grateful!

Well! I grew up in a village (born and raised), at a place called Babati, Mamire. Don’t even bother to find it on Google Map, I know you can’t find it. However, it’s one among the charming villages full of nature from the Manyara Region in Tanzania (East African).

Growing up in the village is one among the things I am grateful for. Living the real life with my parents who used to fight most of the time, I couldn’t believe if life was meant to be like that. What I knew for sure was that there was a way out yet I couldn’t figure out that earlier.

I also had a chance to experience and see what life meant to others. I recall seeing my neighbor’s daughter who couldn’t afford to go to school simply because she didn’t have a pair of school uniform. And that made me come up with a school bag project (where I imagined donating up some bags with school equipment) , an idea which I never worked on it :( and that’s fine.

Here Comes the Real Story Now!

This picture was taken during my visit to Endamaghai Primary School in April 2021

I am the first born in my family, and my mother is a primary school teacher. My mother started her career in 1993, a year before I was born.

The time I was supposed to join school I was lucky to join the same school my mother was teaching, and guess what, she was my teacher for English, Mathematics and Science subjects.

Believe me, she was good at it. It just turned out her skills didn’t work well on me. I will never forget a time when she asked 3 *3 and I will answer 6 because by that time I could only understand addition in mathematics!

But hey, my mother is a really great teacher and to be honest, I have never seen a teacher so passionate about her work like her, in my life. She also loves her students and devotes her time, energy, and skills to them for all these years that she has been teaching.

Even if it happens she has a different engagement that may be in town or out of school, she will first go to school, deliver her lessons and then go back home and then head to town. This is how committed she is regardless of her walking 4 kilometers every weekday to school. I am truly inspired by her.

I love how she’s doing her things, and that’s why I would like to honor her and her amazing work to everyone in my village. I would like to appreciate her through this campaign of raising money for her school refurbishment and that will make her, the entire school and my village happy.

A Way to Honor Her (the How)

I am releasing my second book (the Little Book of Wisdom), and my approach to it is different.

My goal is not just to launch and sell my second book, but to support the refurbishment of three (3) classes in Endamaghai Primary School in the village called Mamire at Babati Manyara.

I will do this by selling 1,000 copies of my new book (The Little Book of Wisdom) and use 100% of the first 800 copies of the book sold for the school refurbishment.

Why Does It Matter?

The three classes need refreshment, yet students still learning to those classes.

This is the primary school that I went to and where my mother has been teaching for the past 29 years and it means a lot to me if you buy a copy to support this School Refurbishment.

The school was established in 1960 and if you check the buildings still require lots of refurbishment as seen in the pictures.

It has 400 Students and 50 young individuals join this school as new students each year. If we don’t repair this now we are killing the future of these young generations.

By purchasing The Little Book of Wisdom, you would have contributed 15,000 TSH to Endamaghai Primary School directly as that will be a direct course.

Why this project?

• I am doing this to appreciate my mother for her great work. I know I can’t give her a medal but what her daughter will do — will bring her a long-lasting smile.

• It’s a “Thank You” to JCI Switzerland (represented by Marianna Levtov) and Sahara Ventures Africa, for supporting me with my first book. This’s an appreciation that without them I couldn’t be doing what I am doing today. They give me courage just for trusting in my first book idea and the book itself until today.

• For myself as a way of paying forward. To be honest, I am standing here strong, but they are 1,000 other people behind me who support, appreciate, encourage, nurture, nourish and believe in whatever I am doing.

Without these people, I couldn’t be where I am today.

For those who are in my village, I also realize that I have this privilege to do all this for them. To be honest, I promised them that I will do something and I can’t settle for less.

Why Should You Be Part of this Project?

• By purchasing this book, you are making a difference in the lives of these 400 young individuals in the village at Endamaghai Primary School.

• Your TSHS 15,000 (7 dollars) contribution can last 100 years to come, so it’s one of the greatest investments ever you will make.

• You are investing in yourself. This book will shape you in a way that you will see possibilities in life. Self-learning should be your number one goal and it starts with reading great books — like this one :)

• Normalize reading culture in my country, Tanzania, Africa. It’s a time for us to read and use books not only for personal change but also for others’ transformation.

• It’s kindness, it’s love. It feels good to put a smile on others’ faces. When you make someone’s happy, you make yourself happy. As what I know for sure to each and everything that we are doing to others — we are doing it to ourselves. Either it’s good or bad.

My mother, me and the headteacher of Endamaghai primary school

Lastly, I believe that we don’t need 1,000 people to impress but we only need 1 person to transform. If you’re going to make your decision today that means I have transformed you and you have all it takes to transform others too. Just by purchasing the book.

Book Cost

The book cost: 15,000 TSH, 1,000 KSH, 10 USD Paperback and 5 USD — eBook Kindle! on Amazon.

Or, feel free to reach out!

WhatsApp : +255758278017
Email :
Instagram : @gildagiven

“We exist because of the sacrifices of those who come before us.”

— Adam Braun

“It’s not about the gift we receive, it’s about the heart that gives.” — Ocheck Msuva



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